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My Letter to Sarah

May 22, 2016

Our Dearest Sarah,

We are so very proud of you.

This year certainly has been a year of learning experiences. Continue to be a life-long learner and know that you always have choices.

What you experienced in high school is a sampling of what it will be like in college and the real world. You have been given the tools, knowledge and skills to succeed. There will be teachers that you like and don’t like as well as teaching styles that you like and don’t like. Coaches that you like and don’t like as well as coaching styles and philosophies that you prefer. There will be co-workers and managers that you like and don’t like and some management styles that you favor over others. Always remember that you have choices.

Another one of our favorite quotes is by Charles R. Swindoll, “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” We have found this to be very true.

Amazing things happen, just outside of your comfort zone. Forensics has taken you out of your comfort zone. Sophomore year you ended up timing and taking the back seat. Junior year you received a silver in Prose and Senior year your team brought home the gold for Group Interp. You also received the award for the most improved. Congratulations.

Sport and athletics have taught you some valuable lessons. As Vince Lombardi Jr said, “Life’s battles don’t always go to the strongest or fastest man. But sooner or later, the man who wins is the man who thinks he can.” As you know, sports can be very political. It’s objective and you’re at the mercy of the coach. You have proved yourself by making Eau Claire Air, by running Varsity Cross Country and receiving All Conference recognition in Softball. You’ve overcome a broken collar bone when you were 11. Your small stature was a disadvantage in some of the sports. You have overcome some big obstacles and succeeded. We’re so glad that you made the decision to run Cross Country this year.

You are very resourceful, both in school and in the real world. Your resourcefulness and problem solving skills will take you far in life as there’s always a Plan B. You’re very resourceful when using Cliff Notes, books on tape or your sisters notes.J Plan B worked for solving a napkin shortage at work and obtaining black paper in a hurry for the Group Interpretation scripts.

Earning your Silver Award in Girl Scouts is an accomplishment that you can be proud of. The knowledge that you learned about Wisconsin songbirds and specifically the bluebirds will serve you for years to come.

We’re proud that your hard work has paid off by earning the Charter Bank, Don Moss and Eggen scholarships. Please don’t forgot to thank the organizations for their generous donations, for investing in your future. Remember to always pay it forward and give back to the organizations and community that has helped you along the way.

You are very talented creatively and have shared this with so many others through the gifts that you have given. Posters, paintings, photographs, art work, pottery, homemade thank you cards, you seem to enjoy it all. Keep sharing your gifts as there’s nothing more special than gifts made and given from the heart.

You’re a silent leader, the one who does the work but doesn’t get all the glory. Sometimes that’s okay, but it’s also okay to get the credit when credit is due. In Forensics your sophomore year you timed instead of competing because they had too many competitors. You were just as worthy as anyone else to compete. You tend to pick up the slack when others don’t. Your sophomore year in softball, you took it upon yourself even though there were six other sophomore girls to take care of the four seniors gifts. You made the softball bracelets, 8X10 magazine covers & framed them and 4X6 team pictures. The other girls contributed money but you did all of the work. You burned a CD for each of the girls and put a slideshow together to show at the softball party that we had at our house. You are very creative this way. For Luke Howard’s going away party you and Tori decided to make cupcakes. Once again you were doing all the work, making three different flavors of cupcakes.  I know that you enjoy finding recipes on Pinterest and trying out new things. But why didn’t anyone else bake up a storm?

You’ve always been the family’s comic relief. Reminding us to keep things hearted or to find the humor in things, not to take things too seriously. You like to add an element of fun in everything that you do.

By the time you came along, the third one in line, we were a little more laid back. As long as you had clothes on, whether they matched or not, we were ready to go. When you were young, you were playing outside and headed back home to put on some jewelry and perfume because there were neighbor boys involved. We couldn’t believe that you were that in tune at such a young age. It was then that we knew that you have your Nana’s fashion gene.

We just want you to know that we’re glad that you have a fashion sense, creativity, love to bake and have problem solving skills. You are a silent leader, maybe not getting all of the credit that you deserve, but doing what is important. St. Norbert and the future will give you so many opportunities. Take advantage of all that you can. Get involved. Give back. Stay true to your faith. Realize that you always have choices. You are in charge of your attitude. Happiness comes from within. Even though you’ve had a set back with your gut dysbiosis, maybe it’s a blessing. Own a bakery that serves a niche, make gluten free and paleo options. Whatever you decide, we know that you’ll be successful. We’re so proud of all of your accomplishments and the young woman that you’re becoming. Bloom where you are planted.

We love you,

Mom & Dad

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