13 Oct

Ethical Will

Lessons for Tomorrow, LLC, was founded in 2013.  An ethical will is a written document that expresses the values, the lessons learned, the wisdom that you want to pass down to your children.  It is a way to be remembered for generations to come.

My Ethical Spiritual Will, example
“My business focuses on helping individuals capture their life – in words that can be passed to the next generation. Through the development of an ethical spiritual will, the creation of a life story, or writing a biographical book or memoir, my goal is to assist individuals with documenting their lives. No other business in the area focuses on this niche market; and, I am thrilled and honored to bring this service to you.”

Lessons for Tomorrow, LLC creates a workshop or seminar designed specifically for your audience. During the workshop, Renee will lead attendees in discovering the importance of an ethical spiritual will, why written documentation is essential, and how to get started with the process. This process inspires people, helps them decide what is important in life, and results in remembrance of important life events.

From creating her own ethical spiritual will, Renee understands the questions and challenges associated with writing such an important document. She has designed various worksheets that will trigger memories, spark ideas, and encourage attendees to begin writing their life stories. Participants are able to discover what they want to leave behind for loved ones.

Example Questions and Statements to Help You Get Started

  • “The most valuable piece of advice I ever received was…”
  • “The one thing I would like future family members to know is…”
  • “The three most important things to have in life are…”
  • “One thing that may surprise you about me/my life is…”
  • “One word to describe me would be…”
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